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Our Biography

Our Biography

Prime Minister of Pakistan
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf inaugurate The Birds Aviary at Lake View Park Islamabad

Islamabad, March 13. 2013: The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf has formally inaugurated the Bird Aviary at Lake View Park here on Wednesday. This project was initiated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the entertainment of the general public visit the Lake View Park on daily basis.

On this occasion Chairman CDA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz, Member Environment, Dr. Kazim Niaz, Member Engineering, Sanaullah Aman and other officers of the authority were also present.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf after formal inauguration, visited different sections of the Bird Aviary and took keen interest in various species of birds. The Prime Minister appreciated the performances of CDA for providing unique recreational projects for the peoples of all ages and said CDA should plan more entertainment, recreational and amusement facilities for the residents and visitors of the capital city.

Chairman CDA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz apprised the Prime Minister about the project that Bird Aviary consists of 1200 different species of birds including species of parrots, pigeons, doves, partridges, pheasants, peacock, swan, crane, ducks and geese etc out of which 65 species are of rare kind. He said that the Bird Aviary is of unique kind in the sub-continent where birds have been provided natural environment, adding that these birds are rich source of entertainment and amusement for the visitors. He said that the Aviary has been established in an area of 3.8 acres with a bird watching tower and a pond. A small dispensary for healthcare of the birds and first aid post is also working round the clock. He said that CDA has also established Souvenir pet and birds’ chicks selling shop. A hanging bridge has also erected. While a facility of Tuck Shop is also available for refreshment purpose in the aviary. Chairman CDA further said that people from the twin cities of Rawalpindi / Islamabad and from other cities of the country visit the Lake View Park for entertainment and amusement purpose adding that people especially children would enjoy the added facility of bird aviary.

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Our Mission

The winning team
with a mission to preserve Birds speacies

On “To provide a natural habitat to wild life and an environment to people so may the understanding to reasoning of coexistence in nature could be experienced.”

BirBird Park Islamabad Team is committed towards environmental protection, health awareness and safety precautions through educating people about our responsibility towards our surroundings and a balanced eco-system.

third Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary

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Located in the serene and scenic Lake View Park, the Bird Park is the worlds' third Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary .Be sure to bring your camera.

You will also want a hat, some sunscreen, and sunglasses for the bird park which draws over 1000,000 visitors annually. In Pakistan, this is the only bird park with more than 300 Bird species and over 5000+ birds. The experience of the wild is now as easy as a stroll in the park.

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Hospital for Treatment and Vaccination of Birds

Our team is committed towards environmental protection, health awareness and safety precautions through educating people about our responsibility towards our surroundings and a balanced eco-system.

Continually Improving the Environment

Bird Park Islamabad aim to establish a world biggest conservation Parks in Pakistan so that at any one time we are supporting up to two each of local, national and international projects.

Health and Safety Standards to Prevent Pollution

We're committed to assisting wherever possible to see the preservation of the planets fragile species continue & works with organisations worldwide to facilitate this.

Protect Our Wildlife and Environment

To provide a natural habitat to wild life and an environment to people so may the understanding to reasoning of coexistence in nature could be experienced.


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Exceptional place to visit with kids, must go place if you like birds, Lots of mackow and local green parrots variety. Rawal lake is nearby with boating option.

Abid A

Lake view Islamabad Park very beautiful in Capital Federal of Pakistan,i ask to every one,kindly must go with family in this park,because very beautiful place for Entertainment with family enviroment,(Specially for Children) others,activity like-- Boating-Bar B Q and Beautiful Sitting Area With Greenery/Flowers with multi colour place

Zaheer Ahmad

Bird park islamabad is the 3rd largest aviary in the world with such a variety of birds . If you get chance to visit Islamabad you must visit the bird park . Ticket rate is a little bit high i.e Rs 120 per person and food which they sell in the park is also high priced . There is a variety of birds but lack of proper care.The most intrseting was palm cockatoo which is rare in world.

Areeba A

This is adjacent to the Lake View Park at Rawal Lake. I was surprised to find the aviary to be well designed and well taken care of, with a lot of staff members busy with the maintenance. One can find a large variety of birds here, including peacocks, swans, ducks, ostriches, emus, parrots, turkeys, etc. Most birds are free to roam around, and one can tell from their demeanor that this is a content bunch of birds! Which is good, otherwise I would have felt really sorry for the birds in captivity. Definitely worth a visit for bird lovers!

Shoaib Shawoo

This aviary is one of the largest and comprehensive aviary in Pakistan. Almost every type of birds ranging from huge variety of parrots to Peacocks, ducks, turkeys etc. You can walk around the area feed the birds and they will just start following you. You can also buy ducks from their admin counter.

Kashif K

Lovely place. Must visit. You can see a lot of birds variety at this place. Ticket prices are economical. Best time to visit is 2 hours before sun set as then you can hear lovely sounds of birds.

Fahhad Ashhraf

This is near the Lake View Park. There is a good amount of different birds, including different colored peacocks and macaws. Bird singing is a nice experience.


The Aviary in the edge of Lake View Park is really good! Well stocked with large birds, tropical birds and rabbits!! It's a really enjoyable work around!


Next to Murree-PINDI highway, Located in Rawal Lake View Park is the average quality and size Bird Aviary containing several species of birds , but not out of the ordinary. The area allotted is around 4 acres but consisting of mainly ducks , peacocks,swans and parrots etc.

Inam K

Interesting to find yourself between hundreds of birds (un-cagged). Feels like you are closer to nature. A good spot for those who like to study birds and for others a good experience to view and appreciate the nature's creativity.

Nabeel Malik
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