Our Birds

Crested Pigeons

Conservation Status

Not at all Endangered

Life span

20-25 Years

Body size

30 to 34 cm (12 to 13.6 in), Weight: 120-230 g

Native Habitat



Seeds, Crops, Weeds, Leaves and Insects


The crested pigeon is a bird found widely throughout mainland Australia except for the far northern tropical areas.

Only two Australian pigeon species possess an erect crest, the crested pigeon and the spinifex pigeon. The crested pigeon is the larger of the two species. A common gray pigeon that is easily identified by the long pointed crest on the top of its head. Mostly pale gray with bright iridescence on wings. Feeds only on the ground. Takes flight with noisy wing-claps, and in flight has a wing-whistle which makes it sound like a wind-up toy.

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